life and works of sri sivaratnapurilife and works of sri sivaratnapuri

Life and work of Sri Sivaratnapuri Swamiji (Tiruchi Swamigal)

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Sri Sivaratnapuri Swamiji, popularly known as Sri Thiruchi Swamiji, was born on the 20th of March 1929 in vickramasingapuram adjoining Papanasam on bank of the river Tamrapami in the district of Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu to devout parents, Adi Narayana Swami and Ranganayaki. He grew up in the noble company of religious mendicants and ascetics who from time to time visited his village.

Guided by The Divine Mother Rajarajeshwari in several divine instances, he traveled north and accepted Sri Shivapkuri Baba, a Great ascetic and contemporary of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Who lived in a hermitage in Dhruvasthali in Kathmandu, Nepal, as his Guru.

The sings of his greatness started manifesting at a very early age and devotees began to invite him to their villages from far and wide. He had a natural disposition to resolve. Social controversies both of householders and scholars. Thereby, he was instrumental in renovating a number of temples in Tamil Nadu which were in dilapidated conditions and where scriptural worship was deteriorating due to disorganization.

His life mission of establishing an ashram for wonks and a temple for the worship of Divine Mother Sri Jnanakshi Pajarajeshwari manifested in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka. His phenomenal memory. Highly subtle understanding of Indian scriptures and his extremely affectionate attitude towards one and all, attracted countless devotees from all walks of life and all communities. Pontiffs of many renowned mutts of life and all communities. Pontiffs of many renowned mutts in the south, especially Karnataka, have been groomed under his meticulous care and acknowledge it even to this day.

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Publication Year: 2104 2nd Edition
Author: SY Krishnaswami

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