Krishna Kreeda By Mihira GurukulaKrishna Kreeda By Mihira Gurukula

Krishna Kreeda ( A fun card game to learn about krishna and his slokas age 4+ years)


Learning slokas through a card game
A superfamily game which offers immense scope to bond with children, parents, and grandparents
Gross motor skills
Visual discrimination
Exposure to Sanskrit
Help learn the slokas and knowing about our Gods

Wanted to teach slokas and meanings to your children. Krishna Kreeda will make it easy and enjoyable. The child learns while they play.
A unique card game to learn slokas. This is a fun family game that is a great opportunity to connect and bond the Indian way.
Play a memory game!
Deal all the 40 sloka cards facing down and watch your children scream in joy saying aloud the phrase of the sloka as they find the pairs and race to victory.
The cards can be used creatively. if your child’s buddies have come and are a little bored, ask them to play a “Dumb Charades” with these cards. They will have loads of laughter as they try to mimic and mime the Krishna slokas.

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