krishna arjun dialogues the gita for young adultskrishna arjun dialogues the gita for young adults

Krishna-Arjuna Dailogues (The Gita for Young Adults)


-This manuscript is clearly an experiment. It is meant for study bu students in the age group of  9 to 15 say, under the guidance of an Instructor. [Indeed, even the so-called young adults could benefit, not to mention, people unfamiliar with Indian scriptures.] The guidance would be effective and fruitful if the Instructor/Teacher is familiar with the material contained in

a) The Guidebook for study Circles,

b) The Workbook companion of the Guidebook, and

c) The book entitled Message of the Lord that deals with the Gita on the one hand and Baba’s teachings on other.

Before the commencement of the course, the Instructor/Teacher should expose the students to the background to the Kurukshetra war. This is easily done using the material available in the Message of the Lord.

Type: Paperback
SKU: SS135
Publication Year: 2003 1st Edition
Author: Prof. G .Venkataraman
ISBN: 958361711

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