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Katha Upanishad

Ramakrishna Math

Due to its most poetic and charming presentation of the sublime doctrines of the Vedanta the Kathopanishad has ever been a great object of interest to scholars both of the East and West from a long time past. This book includes original verses constructed text (anvaya) with a literal word by word translation English rendering of each stanza copious notes and introductory note. This Upanishad forms part of the Kata Shaaka (branch) of Krishna Yajur Veda. Hence it is called as the Kato-Upanishad. The subject dealt in this Upanishad viz. the Nachiketa Upaagyaana also finds place in the Taittriya Braahmana.

As mentioned earlier there are two parts in this Upanishad with three chapters in each part. In the first chapter one finds the story and history of Naciketas and the boons he requested from Yama the Lord of Death; the second chapter mentions the characteristics required of a liberation aspirant and about the path to liberation; the third chapter contains the relation between the Jivatma and the Paramatma and the manner in which the Jiva can overcome death successfully; the fourth fifth and sixth chapters reinstate the contents of the earlier chapters in a much authoritative way and also relate about re-birth the way in which a Yogi should leave his body behind etc.
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Author: Swami Nihsreysananda
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