insights into vedanta- tattvabodhainsights into vedanta- tattvabodha

Insights into Vedanta -Tattvabodha

Ramakrishna Math

Insights into Vedanta is an English translation of Tattvabodha with a running commentary, based on Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda’s teachings. Sri Sankaracharya is the putative author of this work. The original Tattvabodha in Sanskrit is apparently a simple text,and the purpose of the author was to acquaint the lay reader with Advaita Vedanta. The text, however, is profound and is sure to generate discussion and deep thought.

The present book includes the Devanagari text, Roman transliteration,and English translation. Even those with a nodding acquaintance with Sanskrit can understand the text correctly.

This is a good introduction for one trying to understand Advaita Vedanta.

Swami Sunirmalananda,the translator, is a monk of the Ramakrishna order. His rich experience in the editorial line has helped him in bringing out a classic book.

Type: Paperback
SKU: RM0166
Publication Year: 2015 5th Edition
Author: Swami Sunirmalananda
ISBN: 9788178232294

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