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Incidents in the daily life of Ramana are a practical demonstration of one who is intoxicated with the bliss of abidance in the natural state.Thirty four incidents from his daily life have been selected from diverse sources,including the publications of Sri Ramanasramam and The Ramana Maharshi Centre of Learning.Each of them have been illustrated by Rajani Krishna.This would enable the readers to mentally visualise,as he reads the happening,the love of Ramana running through each of them.They are so moving that the motherly care and tenderness of heart of Ramana bring tears to the readers and enables them to relive these incidents of love.It would also enable them to recall the overflowing grace of Ramana in their own lives.

Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2006 1st Edition
Author: A R Natarajan
ISBN: 9788188261408

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