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How To Become Rich

A Divine Life Society

Swami Sivanandaji, who is quite well-known for his humanitarian interest in the affairs of the world, has placed the public in an immense debt of gratitude by presenting to them this delightful publication “How to Become Rich”.

The book is neither to be entirely viewed through a material outlook as the title is apt to suggest nor as exclusively significant to spiritual prosperity, as the Swamiji is generally expected to propound, but as a synthetic combination of both.

Herein, the author has marvelously depicted several cardinal codes of business ethics and dealt with the inner regeneration of the character of the seekers of material prosperity, exhorting them to turn their mind to the eternal spiritual riches and aspire for the only goal of permanent happiness, by merit than by material prosperity.

The true import of the instructions given in the four chapters of the book has been described well in the author’s Introduction which removes every seeming contradiction.

Language: English

Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2011 6th Edition
Author: Swami Sivananda

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