holistic meditationholistic meditation

Holistic Meditation


Let us consider a series of questions

  1. Have I enquired about the purpose of life?
  2. Have I enquired into the nature of my mind?
  3. Have I observed the daily miracle of deep sleep, which is a must for a fatigued mind?
  4. Have I observed that in deep sleep i am free from thoughts, yet happy and in repose?
  5. Have I enquired about the meaning of this daily setting and raising of the mind?
  6. Have I considered an escape route from the obsessive pressure of congestion of the thoughts?
  7. Has my ceaseless activity for enjoyment borne fruit?

An honest answer to all these questions can only be ‘NO’ Why? Because one has never found the time to take a break and to enquire about oneself.

Ramana’s teachings may be summarised in one phrase, ‘Knowledge about the Heart’, termed ‘Dahara Vidya’. In holistic meditation, based on this knowledge, which is the knowledge about the true subject, the purpose of meditation is to be in constant touch with the divine current in the one’s own heart.

This path has been termed by Ramana as “The Straight Path”.


Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2005 1st Edition
Author: A R Natarajan
ISBN: 9788185378541

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