From Delusion to Reality

Sri Ramakrishna Math

Although all of Sri Shankara’s works reflect the inner rumblings of his passionate soul and echo his inner voice, nowhere are they more clearly heard than in Bhaja Govindham. Here the words burst out, as water from a dam, with an urgency of appeal, with naked beauty of the heart’s outpouring’s without any dressing-up, without any smoothening of the crudity of expression, and so there seems to be a lack of softness and tenderness in his approach.

Every seeker of Truth, who cares to achieve self-mastery and sense-control, should carefully read and assimilate these teachings. The distressed can face their trials and tribulations with hope and faith and the spiritual aspirants can get guidance in their spiritual practice.

Practicing the teachings described in Bhaja Govindam can make our life wholesome by integrating the inner ideals with the outer conduct. All our striving get a proper orientation. Our whole life becomes complete and perfect when the fictitious barriers of narrow individuality are forever broken and pervaded by a universal and divine consciousness.

Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2014 1st Edition
Author: Swami Gurudasananda
ISBN: 978-81-7823-620-9

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