foundations of dharmafoundations of dharma

Foundations of Dharma


‘Foundation of Dharma’ is one of the most intriguing discourses delivered by Guruji. It has a play time of 30 minutes. Swami Ishwarananda Giri talks about the basic concept of Dharma in this CD. He also says that Dharma is eternal, it should not be defined but it should be discovered!

He says, “Dharma is what makes you what you are”! Dharma is born of Satya! He compares Dharma to a tree, Satya being the seed and Aachara (actions) is the field! What a simple way to explain a very complex concept!

He so beautifully connects science with spirituality that you start feeling they are not two different things! They coexist! He makes a very powerful statement “The source of power which is making the universe to expand is the same force which is pulsating in your heart- Dharma”. He urges you to experience this limitless power within you!

To recognize the divine spark within you through the foundations of Dharma, listen to the complete discourse “Foundations of Dharma”

Presented by Samvit Sadhanayana Trust, Mount Abu

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