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Exalting Elucidations

Sri Vidhyatheetha Foundation

His Holiness Sri Abhinava Vidyatheertha Mahaswamigal, the 35th pontiff of Sri Sringeri SharadaPeetam, was a living testimony to the scriptural declarations regarding a Self-realised soul, a jivanmukta and, above all, an ideal Guru. He was a nonpareil yogin and had, above all, an ideal Guru. He was a nonpareil yogin and had been frequently abiding in nirvikalpa-samadhi, the pinnacle of yoga, ever since His teens.

Various classes of people came to Acharyal for guidance and succor. Acharyal graced them in myriad ways. His numerous benedictory addresses in multiple languages, parables conceived by Him on the spot, teachings and personal interactions with devotees were all characterized by lucidity, cogency, practicality, humour and accurate exposition of the intricacies of the Veda-s, Itihasa-s, Purana-s and other scriptural texts. His very life was a teaching for all. This book, Exalting Elucidations primarily features the dialogues between Acharyal and disciples. Incidents from Acharyals life, His discourses, His parables and experiences of devotees with Him have been included in the various chapters as supplements to the dialogues.

Type: Paperback
SKU: SM007
Publication Year: 2004 1st Edition
ISBN: 9788190381550

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