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Ethical Teachings

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The reading public is too well aware that a distinct feature of Sri Swami Sivanandaji’s forceful writings is that he does not merely write on a subject but primarily writes about it directly to the reader. His interest in a subject is mainly with regard to its practical implications in connection with a man. He is the saint and awakener and as such he makes a study of man his foremost concern. This work, “Ethical Teachings,” more than ever testifies to this. The reader will find that this volume is not merely of a definitional and informative character but treats ethics as especially practically manifest in the daily conduct of everyone.

Works on ethics there have been. More often than not they dealt purely with the theoretical aspect of it, various types of ethical theory, the evolution of ethical thought in the course of history, etc. What man today urgently needs is to know how exactly he ought to act and live his life if he were to conform to the basic principles of goodness and virtue. This need, the present volume, most eminently fulfills.

A glance at the contents will reveal how no aspect of the subject has been left untouched. Extremely valuable instructions are given to the students, householders, retired men, and ascetics alike. The section headed ‘Domestic Ethics’ contains the most precious teachings to ladies in particular. The Lawyer, Doctor, Trader, Industrialist, and Politician will find sage advice from the pen of a saint who has known the very essence of true Dharma. The final Chapter, bearing the name of the book, is a veritable treasure-house wherein is to be found a wealth of the most precious gems of teachings. And as is invariably the case, the revered author has dealt with all doubts and difficulties that are likely to arise in the actual following of these precepts. We have the greatest pleasure in putting this invaluable work before the public, for we feel perfectly confident that it is going to be of utmost and immense help in making human nature grow into the Divine and in ushering in a blessed new era in the land.

Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2016 8th Edition
Author: Swami Sivananda

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