essence of enquiryessence of enquiry

Essence of Enquiry


‘Essence of Enquiry’, Vichara Sangraham, was Ramana’s first original work. It is in th form of dialogue between Sadguru Ramana and an ardent seeker of truth, Gambiram Seshier, between 1900 and 1902.

The questions and answers were contemporaneously recorded in a notebook, which has providentially, been preserved for posterity. Th work, is therefore an authentic record of Ramana’s teachings.

While clarifying the doubts of Sesheir, Ramana would always bring him back to the importance of enquiry, about the subject ‘I’, about “non- objective”, holistic, spiritual practice. In no other work do we find such a clear and lucid exposition of the ‘Nature of the Mind’.

Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2005 1st Edition
Author: IM None
ISBN: 9788188261262

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