entrepreneurship formulasentrepreneurship formulas

Entrepreneurship Formulas (Based on Swami Vivekananda message)

Ramakrishna Math

Entrepreneurship is not about making money alone in the market place. Gone are the old methods of capitalists bringing money and exploit labor/ employees to make the highest profits and such profits and such companies are bankrupts today. With many professional management institutions coming up in India. many youngsters are getting a wider exposure in Entrepreneurship Principles. Over the decades there is a sea change in the principles and practices of entrepreneurship. A great change is happening across the world and Swami Vivekananda’s message of ‘Karma Yoga’ is finding its roads into all enterprise, in the form of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility.’

Language; English

Type: Paperback
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Publication Year: 2013 2nd Edition
Author: A.R.K. Sharma
ISBN: 9789383606061

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