Samvit Sadhanayana

The State of Enlightment is similar of the rivers flowing into the ocean and losing their name and rupa.

Transcending name and rupa amounts to transcending entire world. When this happens, what remains is the ocean of fulness which projects the universe and that is God, Siva of whom sruti says – “Prapancho pashamam shaantham shivam advaitham”

These three aspects- peace, goodness and absolute oneness – of the prapancopasame Siva are one and the same and hence “Santi” is uttered thrice.

In this way the book attempts to unravel the links between the concepts of soul empancipation, experience of lasting peace and fulfilment of life.

Type: Paperback
SKU: SST 005
Publication Year: 2006
Author: Swami Ishwarananda Giri

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