dvadasa stotramdvadasa stotram

Dvadasa Stotram

Ramakrishna math

Dvadasa Stotram (Twelve Hymns) of  Sri Madhvacarya

It is here that devotional stotras like dvadasa stotra help us to regain our balance. fulfillment can be approached in many ways. of these Bhakti is the easiest and best. And to deepen the feeling of devotion sri Madvacarya who is devotion embodied can be our able guide.

In these twelve hymns, Dvadasa stotra, Sri Madvacarya has gathered together all the excellence which distinguish Sri Maha Vishnu. By repeating the various appellations by which Lord Vishnu can be adored the devotional mind attains tanmayata, merging in the great glory of the Lord. In the Sri Krishna Karnamrita we are told that the Gopis of Brindavan had nothing but constant remembrance of Krishna; that they could not speak of anything else but the divine names of the Lord. A Gopi cries out for sale Govinda, Damodara and Madhava. instead of curd, butter etc.

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Publication Year: 2016 2nd Reprint Edition
Author: Kowlagi Seshachar
ISBN: 9788178233161

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