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Divine Inspiration Volume 4


Swami says, “When a mother is feeding her child, you can see her inducing the child to eat by means of harsh words, a smile, a joke, a threat, or a story, diverting its attention, showing the child a dog, a flower, or the moon. I have also to adopt the same tactics to make you listen and assimilate the valuable food that is so necessary for your growth. That is the reason why I relate stories, sing, recite poems, etc. in My discourses!” With this inspiration, Bhagawan’s teachings and related moral stories are compiled in the form of this book from His Divine Discourses, for better understanding of His teachings. This book should help us in getting inspired, to put His teachings into practice in our daily lives and grow spiritually better and better, with each day.

The contents of the book are primarily designed to fulfill the needs of individual aspirants and for the activities like study circles, to discuss and gain insights through stories and quotes. Moreover, some of the stories can be a great resource for balviaks/SSE teachers and parents.

Type: Paperback
SKU: SS083
Publication Year: 2014 1st Edition
Author: Dr. Sasidhar S
ISBN: 9789350690819

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