Divine Desire


In this CD ‘Divine Desire’, Swami Ishwarananda Giri throws light on a very sensitive topic –Desire.

The discourse starts with a beautiful Shloka by the Guruji.

He asks you a very thought provoking question-”If you were to choose between Antha Sukha (happiness which has an end ) or Anantha Sukha ( Happiness which is endless), what would you choose?”

He describes different kinds of happiness- materialistic and non-materialistic and makes you ponder what is it you are running behind? He makes it very simple to understand the concept of Anantha Sukha by giving examples of different kinds of joy.

For instance ‘Joy of achievement’ lasts only till you realize that there is some other achievement which is bigger than yours! And the joy ends there! Is this the kind of joy you are looking for or the one which lasts forever?

If there is a kind of joy which lasts forever, how to attain it?

Guruji says that this Sukha (happiness) can only be attained by abandoning desire! He also explains various stages in which this can be done. But how to invoke the desire to abandon desire? A very mind boggling thought! Yet he simplifies it for you with a lot of practical insights.

To understand more about the Anantha Sukha , listen to the complete discourse “ Divine Desire” .

Presented by Samvit Sadhanayana, Santa Sarovara, Mt.Abu

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