Direct Teachings of Bhagavan RamanaDirect Teachings of Bhagavan Ramana

Direct Teachings of Bhagavan Ramana


To tread the path of true spirituality, the Great Master, Bhagavan Ramana, gave immense importance to inward-turned sadhana rather than to indulge in outward-turned practices. The recorded ‘Talks’ of the Maharshi, contained in the various published books, abound with statements confirming this, like, “Diving within and remaining as the movementles Self is the only purpose of life. All other activities are waste of time.” “Plunge within.” “Go inwards.”

Sri Bhagavan’s teaching has this substratum: “Be the Self.” “To be the Self is to know the Self.” “One is nothing but the Self – that the world, personal god and individual self, are mere manifestations of the single Self only; that these are without any inherent reality, like the objects and people that one sees in dreams.”

An effort is made here to genuinely draw the seeker back to the one and only ‘practice’ our Master insisted on: “Self-enquiry”. The seeker is thus exposed to the true importance, true significance of treading the “Bhagavan Ramana Path.”

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