Devi Mahatmyam

Ramakrishna Math

Text is an English translation by Swami Jagadiswarananda of the Devi-mahatmya or Durga-Saptasati popularly known as Chandi. The original text has been printed in Devanagari type with running lucid English translation. Footnotes have been added wherever necessary.

The Chandi is divided into 13 chapters and consists of 700 mantras and hence it is called the Saptasati. Three aspects of the Divine Mother have been depicted in the book and they are (1) Mahakali (Chapter I) (2) Mahalaksmi (Chapters II to IV) and (3)Mahasarasvati (Chapters V to XIII) and meditation on each of them has been added with English translation.

The whole of Devi-Mahatmyam is chanted on sacred occasions especially during the Durga-Puja (Navaratri).

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