deliverance at your doorstepdeliverance at your doorstep

Deliverance at your Doorstep

Manava Seva Kendra

Would you like to know what answers the world received during the Amrithavani from Poojya Sri Guruji Viswanath at Chowdiah Hall, Bangalore on 1st January, 2005, Saturday?

In brief, the following were the questions submitted to the lotus feet of Guruji

  • People say that today’s world is very fast. Is it Boon or a Bane ?
  • Invariably all of us do/act, what we feel is right. Is this Correct ?
  • Are money & materialism the most important things in Life ?
  • What really is HAPPY LIFE ?
  • What is reality ?
  • Is human capacity limited or limitless ?
  • If human body is the crown of creation, is there a need for God ?
  • What is the feeling of Security ?
  • Should we do meritorious acts or feel with positive mental attitude ?
  • What is Success in Life ?
  • What is so special about this country “Bharath” ?
  • Is this country not stricken by povery and other negativities ?
  • Can we get light on the subject of Time, Space and Creation ?
  • People say that Self- Realisation is ultimate, is it practicable ?
  • What do Avatars and Prophets do for the benefit of humanity ?
  • Guruji, we are eager to receive your blessing message for the New Year

New Age Music for Global Co-existence has been conceived and conceptualised by Manava Seva Kendra as a part of the Global Education and TRAining Movement (GETRAM). 

This Musical Extravaganza was composed, orchestrated and conducted by none other than the Musical Director Genius Mellisai Mannar Thiru M S Viswanathan.

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