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Bhakti Sudhakaram

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Bhakti – devotion the only means through which one can attain the feet of the Supreme. Though many ways are prescribed by Sastras – Gnana, Karma, Yoga, but much importance is given to Bhakthi (devotion) through which one can easily attain in this Kali Yuga. Many acharyas have come out with various stuthis and stotrams in praise of their beloved deities through which they have attained salvation.

This collection has stotrams in the form of panchakam, Ashtakam Kavacham etc.

A collection of rare stotram, that shall be preserved for generations to come.

Treasure Trove of Stotras in Tamil

Ma, in her unique, intense and touching style explains how devotion can become an integral part of our daily life and how we can progress in devotion to make it an invaluable, fulfilling treasure giving us fulfillment and peace.

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