Bhagavanudan (Tamil)

Sri Ramanasramam

Every day, Devaraja Mudaliar, the author of Sri Bhagavan, visited the Bhagupaksha cave at the age of 13. He worked as a lawyer in Chittoor and lived in Sri Ramanacharam for many years from 1942 to 1930s.

In 1960, Ramana memorials were the translators of the Sri Ramana clan, published by My Reality of Sri Bhagavan in 1960 and published in Tamil in 1999 as mother and father. Sri Bhagwat has also written the teachings briefly by James Frau Bhagavan.

Mudaliar, who used to become a child’s right to a Sri Bhagavani, wrote in his note to Sri Bhagavan’s description of the spiritual questions of many of the beneficiaries and his suspicions. These were published in English in the 1945 book Bye Bye With God, which is currently being translated and released in Tamil.

The detailed explanation for all the possible suspicions of spiritual achievement is spread throughout the book. The film also shows Sri Bhagavata Sarala Subba and his majesty, compassion, and humor. Every day, this book with Sri Bhagavan leads people to live with each other for a long time with the Bhagavataina.

Pages 452

Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2013 3rd Edition
Author: Devaraja Mudaliar
ISBN: 9788188225859

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