divya jeevithamakarandamdivya jeevithamakarandam

Bhagavan Sri Ramanula Divya Jeevitha Makarandamu

Sri Ramanasramam

The Life of Sri Ramana is very beautiful. There are many publications about bhagavan’s life in various languages containing his teachings and his daily routine but this book is a comprehensive biography along with his mysticism. This was first published in 1989

Written by Sri Nimisha kavi Perraju (1910-1991) a government servant who had deep spiritual curiosity. He began writing this book without any experience of writing but with Bhagavan’s grace and inspiration he has been able to present interesting and intriguing episodes of Bhagavan’s divine personification and his loving grace.

Type: Paperback
SKU: RAM T 007
Publication Year: 2014 Second Edition
Author: Nimisha Kavi
ISBN: 9788182880351

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