bhagavan ramana the extravagant boongiverbhagavan ramana the extravagant boongiver

Bhagavan Ramana – The Extravagant Boon Giver


The image of Ramana in people’s mind is largely that he is a Maharshi abiding always in the lofty Himalayan heights of Self – Abidance. This image leads them to assume that he is aloof from the concerns of one’s daily life. Nothing can be farther from the Truth.

In fact, he is our constant companion bestowing his boons in limitless abundance. This may be in situations when the devotee is in utter distress and more so when he wards off the blows of unexpected and unanticipated destiny as our protector and powerful friend.

This publication about Ramana’s miracles and boons reported by those blessed by his daily miracles. Faith in Ramana’s power and protection grows and prepares one for surrendering to his grace.

Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2006 1st Edition
Author: A R Natarajan
ISBN: 9788188261483

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