Baba Sings (Vol 6)


Gayathri Mantra for Daily Meditation

“Gayathri Mantra” is one of the most powerful mantras connoting the quintessence of Vedas. Gayathri has the power to relieve us of all diseases. It wards of all misery.

Gayathri is the bestower of all that is beneficial. It is the fulfiller of all desires. If this great Mantra is chanted with purity of body and mind with correct intonation, one will be bestowed with Divine powers.

This CD is a recording of Gayathri Mantra as taught by Bhagavan to hundreds of Vatus during one of the mass Upanayanam ceremonies, conducted in His Divine Presence at Prasanthi Nilayam. Couple with soothing music, this album runs in a continuous loop, repeating the sacred Mantra in Bhagavan’s golden voice over and over.

Needless to say, it gives an enriching experience to the listeners transporting them to higher spiritual realms

Let us meditate on the divine light that represents God, and may our intellect be inspired and illuminated by divine light.

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