Baba Sings (Vol 2)


Telugu Verses sung by Bhagavan Satya Sai Baba

Music is dear to Bhagavan. Soulful devotional music melts His heart. Verily, whever His name is sung, He installs Himself there. To place this ideal of devotional singing before manking, Bhagavan himself has sung a number of Keerthans, Songs, Bhajans in His nectarious voice.

This album is an humble effort of Sri Satya Sai Sadhana trust, Publications Division to bring together all Songs, Keerthans and Bhajans sung by Bhagavan on various occasions.


  1. Khanda Khandantara
  2. Murali Gana Lola
  3. Janedu Potta
  4. Sarva Velala
  5. Sathya Dharma Prema
  6. Adhunika Vidya
  7. Na Punyam * Bhavya * Manasu
  8. Viswasanthini
  9. Gayathri Mantra

Please note: Some of these sogs are very old and date back to 1960s. Their audio quality may not be very high. Kindly note that we have done our best to improve the audio quality.

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