Agnipurana (Hindi)

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Agni Purana is a vast reservoir of knowledge. Agnidev himself had said this while reciting it to Maharishi Vasishtha-

That is, ‘Agni Purana’ describes all the teachings. While being small in size, the mythology holds its particular significance in terms of the publication of the books. There are three hundred Tirasi (383) chapters in this Puran. Introduction to ‘Geeta’, ‘Ramayana’, ‘Mahabharata’, ‘Harivansh Purana’ etc. is in this mythology. The description of the post-apocalyptic literature is also found in it. The stories of Avatars, fishes, tricks etc. have also been given in this. Nature of description, seclusion, bath, worship method, home method, signs of currencies, initiation and abhishek method, nirvana-initiation rituals, temple art formation, foundation stone, devotion of idols, gender traits and vihara prana-reputable , Vaastu worship method, Principle Diksha, Astronomy, Pilgrimage Mahatmya, Shraddha Kalpas, Astrology, Sangram Vijay, Vasishikaran Vidya, Drug Knowledge, Varnashram Dharma, Mass Fast, Donation Mahatmya Rajadharma, various dream descriptions, Shakun-Ashshakun, Gems exam, Dhanurveda education, behavioral skills , Utpad Peace Method, Horse Medicine, Siddhi Mantra, Diverse Poetry Symptoms, Symptoms of Grammar and Rasa-Decking etc., Yoga, Brahmagyan, Paradise-hell depiction, Arthashastra, Justice, Mimansa, Sun Dynasty and Som Dynasty etc. have been described in this Puran.

Language: Sanskrit Shlokas with Hindi Translation.

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