a new beginninga new beginning

A New Beginning

A Divine Life Society Publication

The pages that follow contain the exhortations made by Pujya Sri Swami Chidanandaji
Maharaj to the inmates of the Headquarters Sivananda Ashram during December 1990-January
1991. Though these exhortations were spread over several days, there was a continuity in them, a
fact which prompted us to edit Swamiji’s talks in the shape of a unified discourse.
The words spoken by Swamiji for a few brief minutes every day during the early morning
Meditation Class in the holy precincts of Gurudev’s Samadhi Shrine deeply touched the hearts of
those assembled and impressed upon them the total necessity and the imperative urgency to
review their own lives in the light of Gurudev’s teachings, so that they could plan ahead for the
New Year to come.
It is a call to shape one’s life anew in the light of a careful review of one’s past. Many
will find this inspiring booklet a most appropriate gift for presentation to friends not only on New
Year’s Eve, but also on Birthdays, Anniversaries and such other occasions.

Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2005 3rd Edition
Author: Swami Chidananda

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