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In order to derive spiritual sensitivity,
we expose ourselves to the influence of Nature.
For four long years, the spiritual thirst, the search to find a true Master made Param Poojya Shri Swami Iswarananda Giriji Maharaj traverse all over the country meeting many Sages, visiting several ashrams and practising severe austerities in Uttara-Khanda. During this period of deep introspection, Param Poojya Swamiji was inspired to undertake a Kailash- Yatra. The historic year of this pilgrimage was 1956 and its pinnacle was the glorious darshan Swamiji had of the holy Atmalinga. This choice Blessing, conferred by the Almighty on such a worthy recipient as Poojya Swamiji, sparked off an intense awareness of the depth and power of sannyasa. At that overwhelming turning point, in that immortal moment, all walls melted, all differences vanished, making His pure and unsullied Self merge effortlessly, become one with the Supreme. Now, Swamiji had just one desire ... "to be only in Silence .. .in the Mahamouna that fills and overflows from the vibrant Chidakasha of Kailash." The Grace and Intuition conferred upon Poojya Swamiji by this momentous experience led Him to Shri Swami Nrsimha Giriji Maharaj- the Master. He had been seeking so ardently! Shri Swami Nrsimha Giriji Maharaj graciously ordained Him into the "Paramahansa Sannyasa Order" of Shri Adi Shankaracharya. Thereafter, He taught Him Vedanta personally, as well as through His other disciples, at the Shri Dakshinamoorty Math. When Shri Swami Nrsimha Giriji Maharaj left the pontificate to retire into solitude, Swamiji was free to follow His own calling, to seek His own destination. That is when Parashakti, the Divine Mother, inspired Him to go to Mount Abu.
In order to derive spiritual sensitivity,
we expose ourselves to the influence of Nature.

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