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Yogi Ramsurat Kumar,the greatest saints of this era was born in a village near Kashi on the first day of December,1918.In his childhood,he loved very much to meet the yogis and monks.He was befriended by a number of holy men who build their huts on the Ganges shore or simply wander nearby. In search of his spiritual father,his spiritual mission started in the year 1947,when he decided to visit the renowned sage and patriot of India,Sri Aurobindo Ghose. He expressed his desire to the old monk Aurobindo then asked Yogi Ram to meet another holy man the sage of Arunachala,Sri Ramana Maharishi. He later moved to Kerala at the ashram of Swami Ramdas.Sri Aurobindo gave him Jnana, Sri Maharshi blessed him with tapas and Swami Ramadas gave him the nectar of Bhakti. Swami Ramadas initiated him into the holy mantra : ” Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram “, by pronouncing it thrice in his ears. After a Prolonged spiritual voyage,Yogiji finally reached Thiruvannamalai in the Southern India.He was seen near the Temple chariot,at the corners of the Road,under the trees of the Temple.Swamiji then began living in a small house in Sannadhi Street beneath the Temple.He continued to bless the devotees who thronged at thousands to His house at the Sannadhi Street. The Devotees wished Him to have an Ashram which he gently accepted.The Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram is constructed at Agrahara collai with a total area of 3.5 Acres. “VISIRI SAMIYAR” as affectionately called by devotees attained Siddhi on 20.2.2001 at Tiruvannamalai in the Ashram premises.

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