Guruji Viswanath

I have come as an answer to all your questions…. None of you can judge or know me.The only way to know me is to know your ‘SELF’.
GURUJI VISWANATH, as he is reverentially known to the people the world over, was born on 25th June 1952 in a small village, Thiruvannathapuram, Tirunelveli Dist., Tamil Nadu, India. He was educated in Delhi and Tamilnadu and settled in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Guruji, an aptly approbated auditor as his avocation and who was at the pinnacle of his perfected self in mundane and physical possessions and overall well being, hardly rejoiced with these terrestrial credits and worldly honour and was wide eyed in search of aspiring and acquiring some hitherto unendeavoured and unachieved areas in the metaphysical and philosophical part of this creation. He chose not science and sensual issues, but opted for silence that starts where science stops. In capsule, this was the much necessitated metamorphosis from an Auditor to an Achiever. Lot of miraculous and mystical experiences happened in his early life and he was impelled to soon become an inquisitive and sincere seeker of truth unto its minuteness. After wandering over 18 years in the internal forest of his inner being, today he is a Great and Perfect master conveying the nature of truth, self, to any one who comes unto his portals, in the visitor’s own language. He is seen as a safe bridge between traditional spiritual values and modern jet age living. Many miracles happen non stop in the lives of his followers, even to this day, that stand testimony and go to speak a lot of precious facts about Guruji and the variety of his holy sermons. No doubt, you are invited to the feast of reading the nectarine words of Guruji Viswanath, the greatest master in contemporary era, and a great champion in the philosophical firmament.
I have come as an answer to all your questions…. None of you can judge or know me.The only way to know me is to know your ‘SELF’.

Guruji Viswanath Foundation

Manava Seva Kendra has as its founder, Guardian, Guruji Sri Viswanath, who is seen as a great source of light and love by thousands. He is considered a worshipful master by many and a source of inspiration for all others Manava Seva Kendra (M.S.K.) is an institution dedicated to the service of the entire humanity of the world, is an organisation which is only one of its kind in the world, aiming at an all round development of man. The Kendra believes in the ultimate development of human being, i.e., Realisation of Self, through the physical, mental and intellectual apparatus given by the cosmos to the human being. Since man lives in a society, the social obligation of man has to be fulfilled by serving the fellow human beings without differentiating between caste, creed, race or religion. As man is potentially a divine being and also a social animal, the Kendra tries to strike a chord between the two i.e., to make the man human first and make him realise his innate divinity. Thus, the Kendra plays a vital role in overall development of man, in looking after his social, physical, psychical and spiritual well being. All persons under the sun – man, woman and child – are eligible to become members of this Kendra, as the Kendra merely asks you to serve others wherever you are and also asks you to enter into your own higher planes of existence. The message of Kendra should reach all villages and semi-urban areas throughout the globe.

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